About Us
About Us

Who We Are?

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MA Enterprises was founded and established in 1980 to deal in a variety of items which have been importing and exporting from Pakistan.  We started our business as an importer of machinery but with the passage of time, our reliability and hard work made us able to indulge in different exporting products as well. Over more than thirty years later, long after having well established ourselves we have made our name in the trading industry as one of the leading and reputed Traders of Pakistan.

MA Enterprises organizes, manages and transacts its trading business, both with local and its overseas associates, dexterously and ingeniously using its network of information, manpower, know-how, and experience It has viable financial resources at its disposal to monitor, conduct and identify any and all projects falling in its dynamic and independent operational sphere of diverse nature.

MA Enterprises diversified supplies and services are handled in its various well-organized divisions. The company is maintained by its well organized administrative sections covering finance, personnel, electronic data processing, logistics, and public relations.

We are committed in our work and bring only the best high-performance equipment in Pakistani Industries from all over the world. We value our customers and make sure our products and performance provide thorough satisfaction.

Here’s the list of the products we’re dealing in;


  • Textile Machinery and gadgets
  • Agricultural Machinery and tools
  • Computer and office appliances
  • Medical/Surgical equipment and devices
  • Woodcutting or carving equipment
  • All sorts of industrial machinery and equipment
  • Fashion accessories and attires
  • Fabrics including cotton, silk, knitwear, tents etc.
  • Handicraft, sports, paper, and rubber.
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Edible meat and Sea Food.
  • Eatables, for instance, Sugar, oil, powdered milk, salt, and coffee etc.